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Your 2020 impact

Thank you, your support is at the heart of all we do at Kitsap Cancer Services.

At the close of November, 2020, Kitsap Cancer Services helped 88 patients with over $43K in donations. Because of you, we helped 8 families over the holidays with $2400 in assistance.

Plus, our Vivien Blyth fund will help 80 people with emergent needs throughout 2021 with $2000 in $25 gift cards.

In 2021 we have fun new ways to fundraise! You can make a difference in your own style. Tell your personal cancer story, do a birthday fundraiser, follow your passion and fundraise to help your neighbors on their cancer journey. All funds stay in Kitsap County!

To start, visit and click “Start a Fundraiser”. Register and personalize your fundraiser with stories, photos, and videos. Then manage your fundraiser from start to finish on your fundraising page. You'll have all the tools that you'll need for success!

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