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compassionate care grants

About the Program

Kitsap Cancer Services offers a one-time grant of $500 to eligible applicants who are within six months of their last scheduled cancer treatment. The grant can be used for needs such as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, prescriptions and medical goods not covered by insurance, pre-treatment emergency dental work, and other basic needs. The program is limited and applications are processed according to budget availability.

 Eligibility for KCS Grants

  • Male, Female, families of children, with any type of cancer (those patients on long-term hormonal therapy beyond six months of final treatment are not eligible).

  • Within a six-month window of active cancer treatment, specifically surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

  • Have an individual or household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (please see guidelines below).

  • Must live in Kitsap County, or if living outside Kitsap County, must be receiving treatment at a facility inside Kitsap County.

How it Works

  • Those patients who are in need and meet the above qualifications must contact an Oncology Social Worker or Nurse Navigator from the center in which they received their treatment. Once the application is completed and signed by a healthcare representative, it will be sent to Kitsap Cancer Services where it will be reviewed and processed. At that time a check will be issued to the patient at the mailing address provided. Funds may be received within a very short period of time, assuming all information is correct and the application has been filled out legibly.

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