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A New Tranisition

It was my honor to serve on the board of Kitsap Cancer Services during the height of the pandemic. I consider myself fortunate to serve the community I have called home since I was young.

Our sponsors, volunteers, and social worker consultants are our greatest assets and strength. We want to recognize and thank our caring community who makes all of this possible.

As part of our community benefit program, Kitsap Cancer Services identifies and prioritizes critical cancer care needs through social workers in the oncology field. Through sponsorships, partnerships, and in-kind donations and services, we endeavor to enrich the lives of those cancer patients in need in Kitsap County.

I can’t imagine a more worthwhile volunteer focus. I invite you to join our board fundraising efforts to build a healthy community. Or connect with us by visiting our website, sponsoring and volunteering at the July golf tournament, or starting an independent fundraiser! Give Jackie a call, get involved! (360) 204-6399

Though my board term is complete, I look forward to seeing you at the golf tourney and other fundraisers!

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